Councilmember Bruce Harrell Letter of Support

Seattle City Councilmember Bruce Harrell sent the following letter of support to King County Executive Dow Constantine and the King County Council:

Seattle City Councilmember Bruce HarrellDear King County Executive Constantine and King County Councilmembers:

Thank you for overseeing a very thoughtful appointment process for the King County Council District 1 seat. I am writing today in support of State Representative Cindy Ryu.

As a member of the Seattle City Council, I have the deepest respect for the King County Council and in particular, the challenges you have faced to Public Safety, Health, Education, Transportation, and Finance. I am quite aware of how differences in political backgrounds and philosophies can often lead to different approaches in how we address these challenges. At the core of getting things done as a Council, is their ability to listen and appreciate the views and perspectives of others, even when such views and perspectives may be different.

I believe Cindy’s unique ability to listen and lead is what makes her a qualified and capable candidate for the open seat. Cindy’s impressive résumé as a state representative, mayor, city councilmember, and chamber of commerce president clearly sets her apart from all other candidates for this position. Her diverse experiences have enabled Cindy to pass consumer-protection, local governance, and small business-friendly bills with bipartisan support in the state legislature. As Mayor of Shoreline, Cindy built bridges between the city and chamber of commerce resulting in an environmentally sustainable, business-friendly reinvigoration of Aurora Avenue and adoption of the Economic Development and Strategic Plan. Her success as a public official is built on her understanding of diverse perspectives and ability to creatively build consensus. Cindy’s knowledge of municipal, state, and business issues and her record of getting things done would make her a valuable asset to the council on day one.

While Cindy’s professional résumé alone distinguishes her among all other candidates, she would also add needed diversity to the council with her truly inspirational life story as a Korean immigrant who realized the American Dream. The demographics of our county are ever-changing and we would do well to ensure our sons and daughters are represented by exceptional leaders from diverse backgrounds. I am proud to ask that you appoint State Representative Cindy Ryu as the next King County District 1 Councilmember.

Bruce A. Harrell
Seattle City Councilmember
Chair: Public Safety, Civil Rights, and Technology Committee

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