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January 31, 2013

Honorable King County Councilmembers
Larry Gossett, Chair
Jane Hague, Vice Chair
Reagan Dunn
Kathy Lambert
Joe McDermott
Larry Phillips
Pete Von Reichbauer

Endorsement for Cindy Ryu

Dear King County Councilmembers:

Rep. Ryu is the most qualified candidate for the position. Having served as the Mayor of Shoreline and her current position as State Legislator, she can hit the ground running addressing with the full Council economic, transportation, health and human services challenges along with business development and sustainability. Not only will she represent the Northend of the County, she will be a valiant partner in the County’s Equity and Social Justice Initiative, having worked with the under-represented such as immigrants and refugees to help give them voice and help the County address their needs in a cross-culturally competent manner.

FAPAGOW’s mission is to “advocate for the empowerment and betterment of Filipino Americans through effective civic engagement.” We are an inclusive organization with members coming from diverse political parties. The last Asian Pacific Islander on the Council was Hon. Ruby Chow who served 28 years ago. The appointment of Representative Ryu would constitute a Equity and Social Justice inclusion action by the Council. We strongly recommend Rep. Ryu for the Councilmember vacancy appointment and look forward to a positive response.

President Celso Tolma
Vice President Rick Polintan
Corresponding Secretary Reni Roxas
Elections Committe Maria Batayola
Elections Committee Myrna Soriano
Dori Baker
Damian Cordova
Frank Irigon
Joaquin Uy
Manny Divina

cc: King County Executive Dow Constantine
Rep. Cindy Ryu

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