Filing For Re-Election

Dear Supporter:

I will be filing on May 12th for re-election to my House seat and my donation webpage is active again here.

I am so proud and humbled to have the endorsement of the Washington Education Association Political Action Committee. On behalf of the 83,000 members of the WEA, the WEA-PAC Board is supporting me for the 2014 Primary Election!

Even more important than the generous amount of the donation, this is collective contributions from their 83,000 members who have NOT had a COLA (Cost of Living Allowance) increase in 6 years while they strive day in and day out to teach our children or support them as classified staff. So their endorsement and heartfelt contributions mean just as much as the $10 donation from a Social Security benefits recipient.

We are on our way to Victory on November 4th, with all of them in my heart.

Your Friend,

Cindy Ryu
State Representative
32nd LD Pos. #1

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