Endorsements for 2014 Re-election Campaign

I am running for re-election to the position I have won twice previously.


In the midst of attacks on many fronts against women, good governance, funding for infrastructure and worthy programs, immigrants, consumers and workers, over the past 4 years I have stayed true to my principles and represented my constituents well.  In the interest of keeping our state a functional representative democracy, I was one of the 20 named plaintiffs successfully suing to overturn Tim Eyman’s Initiative requiring 2/3 majority vote of the Legislature for any and all tax votes. 

I have successfully opposed expansion of payday lending products and I will continue to advocate for consumers and protect our working poor.  I made sure that our Department of Licensing documentation processes are secure and private so that several efforts in 2011 and 2012 to convert our driver licensing system into a de facto immigration ID system were halted successfully.  Most recently, I introduced HB 2644 Concerning coercion of involuntary servitude, to reduce human trafficking.  Its companion SB 6339 was signed into law.  I led the charge on killing HB 1260 Concerning public facilities’ grants and loans.  Even though its stated goal was to help rural communities’ economic development efforts, removal of county median wage requirements while giving public funds to private companies was not in the public’s interest.  Governor Inslee vetoed this bill.

As Vice Chair of the Business and Financial Services committee, I will continue to advocate for the consumer and small business owners.  I will work to pass a transportation revenue package to restore and expand transit so that our economic recovery is not bogged down by gridlock and we may repair and maintain our bridges and roads.  I will continue to work on reforming our tax system to a more progressive and fair basis.

I am proud to have been endorsed by these organizations and many individuals for re-election on November 4, 2014.   I would be honored to have your support.


Cindy Ryu

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  1. Woohoo! Lookin good kid!

    Proud of you!

    Best, Janet

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