A Time for Mourning and a Time for Action

Enough is enough. There is a time for mourning, and there is a time for action. And right now, we’re faced with both at once.  In these earliest stages of grief and trauma, it feels impossible to think that the deaths of fourth graders and their teachers could have been prevented. 

We must do something about the crisis of gun violence in our country as we cannot stand by and watch as more innocent lives are lost in shootings, not with the unimaginable cost of lives lost, and years stolen from children and their families. 

I am humbled to have been endorsed by The Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund PAC. I will continue to support stronger gun laws. You can learn more here: www.gunresponsibility.org

June 3rd-5th is Wear Orange, an opportunity to show your support for gun violence prevention and bring others into the movement. There are many ways to participate and you can read more about it here #WearOrange page.

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