Endorsed by Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion

I am thrilled to receive the endorsement of the Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion. The DDI Endorsement Committee focused on issues around diversity, inclusion, housing and homelessness, economic and social justice, and my commitment to building a responsive and transparent government.

I am glad these volunteers focused their endorsements on local races because “all politics are local” – you care about who is representing you and how I’m addressing your concerns.

I agree with DDI that it’s time for us to move forward making sure everyone that is eligible to vote, votes and have their voices heard. Please join me in helping our neighbors engage and participate in our representative democracy.

Rep. Cindy Ryu

Sierra Club Endorsed

I am very pleased that Sierra Club has endorsed my reelection to the Washington State House of Representatives.  Their decision to endorse came after careful consideration of my leadership and voting record, including on issues related to transportation, building decarbonization, housing and zoning reform, environmental justice, and natural resources policy.

I will continue to help protect Washington’s environment and help build an equitable and sustainable future for our state. Please join me and Sierra Club in this effort!


A Time for Mourning and a Time for Action

Enough is enough. There is a time for mourning, and there is a time for action. And right now, we’re faced with both at once.  In these earliest stages of grief and trauma, it feels impossible to think that the deaths of fourth graders and their teachers could have been prevented. 

We must do something about the crisis of gun violence in our country as we cannot stand by and watch as more innocent lives are lost in shootings, not with the unimaginable cost of lives lost, and years stolen from children and their families. 

I am humbled to have been endorsed by The Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund PAC. I will continue to support stronger gun laws. You can learn more here: www.gunresponsibility.org

June 3rd-5th is Wear Orange, an opportunity to show your support for gun violence prevention and bring others into the movement. There are many ways to participate and you can read more about it here #WearOrange page.

Publications Endorsing Rep. Ryu for the November 2020 General Election

I am proud to have the endorsements of all 3 publications.

Seattle Times: “As a former mayor of Shoreline and former president of the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce, Ryu has a clear understanding of how legislative levers can affect constituents in the 32nd and elsewhere.”

Everett Herald: “Cindy Ryu, during her tenure, has been a reliable advocate for small businesses, public education and affordable housing and deserves the sixth term she seeks.”

The Stranger: “Rep. Cindy Ryu is frank in a way other legislators aren’t when she levels with the SECB about the problems of trying to pass progressive taxes. Sure, we’d love a rosier outlook, but we’re all for Ryu telling us like it is…

The biggest thing for us is her commitment to police reform. Ryu’s record on policing is superb. She helped pass I-940, was part of the leadership team that established a joint legislative task force on community policing standards, and we’re confident she’ll add a necessary voice to the conversations around law enforcement next session. Vote Ryu.”

Please vote and return your ballots early.

Thank you!

Rep. Cindy Ryu

Paid for by:  Friends For Cindy Ryu
PO Box 33548
Seattle, WA  98133-0548