Cindy Ryu is currently serving as a Democratic State Representative to the 32nd LD where she was re-elected with 72% of the vote. Cindy became the first Korean-American female mayor in the U.S. when she served as Mayor of Shoreline. As a resident of King County District 1, Cindy raised her three children through local public schools and ran a successful small business. Cindy has represented much of King County District 1 in the State Legislature and now hopes to become your next King County Councilmember.

The only candidate with a proven progressive record.

Cindy has a proven record of standing up for our Democratic values in the State Legislature.  She is pro-transit, pro-labor, pro-environment, pro-choice, and pro-civil rights.  With your support, Cindy will bring a strong progressive voice to the King County Council.  As your councilmember, Cindy will:

  • Use her experiences as a legislator, mayor, and small business owner to successfully represent the diverse urban/suburban Council District 1 and set sensible, progressive policy for all of King County.
  • Continue her work of meeting the region’s transportation needs — she’ll help keep Metro buses running and build Sound Transit light rail stations from Northgate to Lynnwood.
  • Fight for increased access to community colleges and other forms of higher education.
  • Support the King County Housing programs including veterans, seniors, special needs, affordable housing, and ending homelessness.
  • Ensure funding and success of King County Public Health, community health centers, and protect our human services.
  • Advocate for progressive and sustainable means of raising revenue – as she is now doing as a plaintiff,  suing to overturn Eyman’s Initiative 1053.
  • Reflect the changing demographics in King County by adding a diverse voice to the County Council.

Despite the backlash it would cause within her community, Cindy chose to represent the values of the 32nd LD and voted in favor of Marriage Equality in the House of Representatives. She was shunned by her church and preached against at the pulpit. Rather than back down, her reaction was to host an Approve R74 campaign office on her property in Shoreline. Cindy’s commitment to the values of King County Council District 1 is steadfast. She is the only candidate in this race with proven progressive values and a record of getting things done statewide and locally.

Cindy Ryu will be the advocate for your values on the King County Council.